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There are several important things to consider when looking to purchase new equipment for your salon. Price, safety, regulatory, training, technology.

Although we all know you need to spend money to make money, it is not always fact that you have to go for the most expensive machinery on the market. You need to find a machine that is going to perform well and cover all the treatments you want to offer.

All of our machines come with additional extras such as Safety Goggles for both the operator and client, 6 x white bath sheets for the treatment room, 5 Litre of Gel, 1 Litre of aftercare gel, Customer Consultation and treatment record sheets, Marketing materials and posters, operator jacket.

No matter what you spend, safety is of the utmost importance and safety features are not equal in all machines being produced.

ApoloMed machines are not only completely painless and fast but offer safety features that can’t be found in other brands such as additional cooling of the handpiece which ensures the tip stays cool even during the longest treatments.

ApoloMed hand pieces have an exclusive filter insertion sensor, meaning that the handpiece just won’t flash without a filter in it. Using a handpiece without a filter will not only render the service ineffective, but more importantly, without the light being filtered it will just burn and cause extensive damage to the skin. ApoloMed offer the only handpieces with this safety feature. The machine will also detect if the wrong wavelength filter has been used for the chosen treatment alieviating operator error, resulting in more effective treatments and less chance of burning.

You must ensure your IPL machine is registered with the TGA for use in Australia, to ensure you can get adequate insurance coverage. Our machines are TGA, FDA and European Medical CE certified.

Even the best machine on the market is no good if you do not have adequate training. The purchase of our machine comes with a Laser Safety Certificate (online) and 3-5 days hands on training which is conducted either at our Melbourne facility or at your salon.

Training is customized to each salon and the amount of days spent will depend on previous experience and training. For those with absolutely no prior experience we offer a full 5 days of intensive theory and practical training.

All training covers all the modalities the machine is capable of treating being Hair Removal, Pigmentation, Acne, Vascular Lesions and Skin Rejuvenation (See more on training).

It is important to understand what the different terminologies mean before you make any final decision on equipment and it can be confusing.

IPL / SHR Machine Specifications

Click on the different models below to see the machine specifications. There is a lot more information that we can provide in our brochure. Contact us here to get your copy.

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