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Welcome to The IPL Company Pty Ltd. Our team has been in the beauty industry now for over 30 years wholesaling beauty products and equipment for over 10 years, and have made it our missions to bring our customers the latest and best in training, products, equipment and services.

After testing and using many of the machines on the market we just can’t find anything that matches the original brand we started with manufactured by ApoloMed. These machines are without question the most advanced, safest and reliable on the market today.

Through The IPL Company, we are now offering the latest in IPL and SHR machines in the ApoloMed range.

We cater to salons, spas, clinics and practices of all sizes. Anything from a one man show to multiple staff with the same degree of honesty and integrity for all.

We understand everyone has to start somewhere. We will give a single operator salon exactly the same VIP treatment we give a larger operation. We will not take our multi-staff salons for granted, once you have any of our equipment you will get ongoing support and backup 7 days a week.

Our aim is to work alongside our salon owners, helping you to grow your business, and exceed your expectations in the quality and service we deliver.

We work closely with the manufacturers of our machines to ensure the latest innovations in technology, safety and reliability.

Training is offered at our facility in Melbourne, or on-site in your salon. (See more regarding training)

Look no further for a company that is going to offer you outstanding service in every aspect to do with the purchase of your new machinery, flexible finance options, 7 days a week customer service support, exceptional training and marketing assistance.